What is mediation?

Mediation is a process where the parties to a dispute select a neutral person (mediator) to meet with the parties to explore issues and discuss settlement options.  A mediator can provide insight, aid communication, offer settlement proposals, and explore creative solutions to a dispute.

Why would I choose mediation?

Mediation can significantly reduce the time and expense needed to resolve a conflict.  It also permits the parties to consider settlement options that are more flexible, than what may be available in court.

Does the mediator represent me?

No.  The mediator does not represent any party in the mediation, but rather, works with all parties to help facilitate solutions to the dispute.

Do I need an attorney to participate in a mediation conference?

No.  An attorney is not needed to represent any party at a mediation.  Although you are free to participate without legal counsel, you are also free to have an attorney, or any other designated person, to assist you in conducting the mediation.

Does it cost any money?

Yes.  A mediator’s fee is usually divided equally between the parties.  By agreement, one party may choose to pay all or part of another party’s fee obligation.

How long does a conference last?

Mediations in the employment law context are typically completed within one day.

How do I schedule a conference?

To schedule a conference, both sides of the dispute must agree to mediate.  You may contact the opposing party to communicate your interest in mediation and to confirm their interest and agreement.

Townsel Law Firm will schedule the mediation on a date that all parties are available to meet, and will provide each party with written guidelines and information about how the mediation conference is to be conducted.

Townsel Law Firm offers dispute resolution services exclusively in the areas of employment law and litigation.  Any party interested in pursuing mediation as a mechanism for resolving an employment conflict is welcome to contact Townsel Law Firm to provide such services.

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